Real Estate

Straight talk...

First some advice - if you already have a lawyer that you are happy with, stick with him or her. Seriously.

Otherwise, we would love to have your business. Real Estate is our main area of practice. Our law firm is the firm that more Manitobans choose for their real estate needs than any other and indeed, we have one of the largest volume real estate practices in Canada. Often, clients tell us that they were referred by not just one, but two, three or even more persons, including sometimes, those who know best - people who work at other law firms.

A word about quality and costs - if a real estate transaction were a medical procedure, it would not be brain surgery (that would be tax law!). But neither would it be a simple check-up. It might be something like having your appendix out. You expect to make it through but you still want expertise and quality you can trust. You probably would not choose your medical team based on the fact that someone may be fifty dollars cheaper than the "competition".

Our goal, for over 25 years, has been to provide the expertise and quality that Manitobans have come to know and trust. We do so with fees that are more than competitive, and perhaps more importantly, are clearly set out so that there are no surprises later. And that's not to mention the money we often save our clients with our knowledge and experience. There are not many problems or situations that we have not seen before.

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